About Us

Artisan wood products handcrafted by Nick Gonzalez, tubist and woodworker, in collaboration with Katie Gonzalez, artist and educator. We are a husband and wife team with a shared vision for unique, meaningful, well-made products that serve a purpose and look really nice, too. Nick, aka "Nick Tuba," has spent most of his life honing his musical craft, studying and performing Tuba and Sousaphone all over the world. He now applies this same level of care and attention as he builds and refines his woodworking practice. In a house full of musicians and artists, we are constantly creating, experimenting, and eager to learn. We have become totally taken by the beauty and complexity of wood, and we think you might be, too. 

For the Love of Writing:
We believe in taking notes by hand, journaling, sketching ideas and observations, making lists, and writing everything down - our stories, plans, worries, dreams, and prayers. You'll rarely find either of us without a pen and notebook in our hands, or close nearby. In our earliest days of dating, we bonded over an appreciation for artful handwriting, favorite pens, composition notebooks, and Moleskin journals. We composed music and lyrics, kept detailed records of our days, and filled pages and pages with drawings and designs. Ten years, a marriage, and two kids later, our focus and practices have shifted and evolved, but our connection to the handwritten word remains the same. No matter the circumstances, writing has helped us to stay mindful, to process, to celebrate. Our family still spends time putting pen to paper every day!

For the Love of Nature:
There is nothing like sitting under the expansive branches and generous shade of a mature Live Oak tree, especially when accompanied by a summer chorus of cicadas. On our toughest days, if we can step outside for a moment, we are sure to breath a bit easier soon enough. (And here's some research to support that!) Houston is a large city full of these beautiful trees, and a lot of concrete too. We believe in the importance of staying connected to nature as we enjoy (and sometimes need respite from) the busy chaos of a bustling city life.

We aim to offer products that celebrate the unique aesthetics and quiet strength and resilience of the natural world. Many of our collections utilize discarded wood from tree trimmings, old building parts, scrap-wood, and more. We hate to see good wood go to waste, and we especially love when it has a story to tell! We also love to responsibly explore working with exotic woods from around the world. The variety of natural hues and complex designs hidden beneath the bark of each species of tree adds to our ever-growing sense of awe and wonder.